Monday, December 9, 2013

TravelTalkRADIO Get Ready for a Digital Luggage Drop Off Near You Dec 08. 2013

Roel Reijnen, (Scan and Fly) Managing Director, QuinTech, Netherlands,

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approx 7 min
Get Ready for a Digital Luggage
Drop Off Near You.

Roel Reijnen is a young and ambitious entrepreneur
taking up the challenge to innovate the baggage
handling market. He has an MSC in Aerospace
Engineering from Delft University of Technology
and he joins me to talk about his companies new
offering called Scan & Fly. Take a listen and see
combining technology and travel can take the stress
out of managing and tracking luggage.

Do you know anything about the name Type 22
If you do, you are an insider. If not, take a listen
and find out
why Roel calls the product, Type22.

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