Tuesday, December 3, 2013

No More War is the theme of Flanders Fields Tourism Campaign

Dr. Peter DeWilde, CEO of Visit Flanders, Belgium

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approx 40 min
No More War is the theme of Flanders Fields Tourism Campaign
Historian, professor and clearly one of Europe's leading tourism experts joins me to talk about why this campaign is so important to the future of peace.

Dr. Peter DeWilde, CEO of Flanders Tourism was in London to spread the word about the upcoming 4 year campaign called Flanders Fields. I met him there and was honored he attended the Peace Award celebration as I accepted a Peace Award for Airline Ambassadors International, a non profit organization where I participate on the board of directors and as a human trafficking awareness trainer.

Dr. Wilde shares his personal journey as a History professor with an emphasis on understanding how studying history gives us the opportunity to learn from mistakes and most importantly, not to repeat those mistakes. War is one of those important historic events that we can learn from, especially when studying the great wars of the world.

This conversation is enlightening, serious, and will hopefully provide our listeners with an incentive to go, experience and remember that there is no good reason for war. Thank you Dr DeWilde for joining us to talk about this important message.

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