Wednesday, September 24, 2014

23 Interesting and Potentially Useful Travel Facts

Our friend Ramon van Meer offers us something deep in research and wide in fun. 

Ramon starts the conversation with,"it wasn’t easy tracking down all of this cool and weird stuff, but at the end of the day, it was worth it. I learned a lot. As the title suggest, some are useful and others are simply just fun facts, most people don’t know or could care less about, but we guarantee they’ll still be curious about it. We call it useless, but interesting information".

Heres one factoid:
Imagine boarding an airplane, rolling down the runway, then 47 seconds later, landing at your final destination. Well, it happens on a daily basis between the two Scottish islands of Westray and Papa Westray.

Sandy is interviewed by ECPAT USA (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking)

      This week I was asked to answer three questions by ECPAT USA. ECPAT stands for End Child Prostitution and Trafficking.

      As a member of The Code ( my company and I continue to dedicate time to bring human trafficking to a stop. Modern day slavery is alive and thriving and we all need to be vigilant and educated on the subject.ECPAT is using our answers in a social media campaign. 

      1. Why it is more important than ever that the tourism industry get involved in combating
child trafficking.

Simple Answer! Because these horrific crimes are still being committed and the travel industry can be part of the solution!

2. Why your company got involved and continues to stay involved in this issue.
My day job offers me the opportunity to give back to my global community and it is the right thing to do.

As the executive producer and host of two travel radio programs and editor of a travel newsletter as well as a travel blogger, part of our business model getting involved with issues that protect healthy life styles.
I was asked to serve on the board of directors of Airline Ambassadors four years ago and we realized that traffickers were using airlines and other methods in our industry to transport those who are vulnerable. We decided to produce a training specifically for airports and crews and I became one of the first trainers of Human Trafficking Awareness 4 years ago. We have continued to train airports and other travel organizations.

In conjunction with my training, we use our voice to reach on issues of healthy life style. As the executive producer and host of TravelTalkRADIO, BusinessTravelRADIO we use these perfect platforms for experts to come and share their knowledge with listeners. We invite you to visit us at

I am able to give my personal time and I am grateful that my radio programming has offered visibility as well offer visibility but feel a need to be active and volunteer in an area where we can make a difference. As the executive producer and host of I am on the board of directors TravelTalkRADIO, BusinessTravelRADIO are perfect platforms for experts to come and share their knowledge with listeners from all over the world. As a media company, TravelTalkMEDIA allows us to use multiple networks to educate and bring important information to consumers in multiple formats.

3. Tell us a success story from your work.
As a human traffic awareness trainer, every class is a success story, simply because we know at the end of the day, someone was deeply touched.It is evident as many share their thoughts with us after their training.

This summer I trained the attendees of the Disruptive Passenger Conference in London and again we were able to inspire many are partnering with some of them supporting their efforts to educate and stop this horrific human rights violation.  

If you want to get more involved with ECPAT, and help end human trafficking go to:

Or contact me at:  

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

US delegation goes to Jordan to learn how to help Syrian Refugees Camp

BusinessTravelRADIO Sept 21, 2014

Don King Ambassador at Large for International Institute for Peace through Tourism

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approx 13 min
US delegation goes to Jordan to learn
how to help Syrian Refugees Camp
We welcome the International Institute for Peace through
Tourism, Ambassador at Large, Don King to BusinessTravelRADIO.

Don joins us from Petra, Jordan where he is showing off Jordan
to his small delegation of leaders who have come to Jordan to
learn how US organizations can help the Syrian refugees who are
mostly children, women and elderly men. Prior to their trip to the border,
the delegates will
enjoy the culture and experience Jordan as a tourism
destination. We hope they go to the Dead Sea for the beautiful sunsets
and amazing Dead Sea products.

Join us as we follow along and support the efforts of helping these very
deserving people. Go to  for more information.

New Leadership at National Tour Association

BusinessTravelRADIO and Sandy Dhuyvetter welcomes Pam Inman to her new post at NTA.

This past summer,
The National Tour Association (NTA) has appointed Pam Inman, IOM, CAE, CMHS, president of the association. Prior to joining NTA, Inman served for 10 years at the American Hotel & Lodging Association, which is the only national association representing all segments of the 1.8 million-employee lodging industry.

Pam's ties to the travel industry go further back into her beginning years in Tennessee tourism which is her home. and her DC imprint will no doubt play a positive part to her presidency.

We discuss the Travel Exchange in January and more! 
NTA is based in North America, but its industry and its membership spans the globe.

 approx 23 min

Help for Airline Travelers left stranded

Marek Janetzke, Managing director of

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approx 13 min
Help for Airline Travelers left stranded

Marek Janetzke is managing director of flightright,
a flight delay compensation service with broad
experience in dealing with airlines and in winning
complicated cases around the world.

Flightright offers airline passengers travelers a
simple and stress-free way to get the compensation
they deserve with minimal effort on their part.

International travelers can get hundreds of dollars
in compensation just by filing their claim

Good news, travelers have up to 

4 years to appeal to airlines!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Today on TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO

TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO

September 21, 2014
-The Aging Traveler, - Support to help jilted
collect from airlines,
- Selling or buying Travel? Travel Exchange in January - Evaluating the needs of the refugee on Syrian Border in Jordan

LIVE via Satellite on radio stations in USA and beyond. 
Streaming from this page at Noon to 1pm ET
and Rebroadcast at 2 - 3pm ET
 Second Hour: 1 - 2pm ET Rebroadcast at 3 - 4pm ET

Join Sandy and guests on TravelTalkRADIO
Dr. William J. Hall, MD
Fine Professor of Medicine
University of Rochester School of Medicine
Center for Healthy Aging
 Marek Janetzke,
Managing director of

BusinessTravelRADIO guests include:
Pam Inman,
President, National Tour Association
Don King,
Ambassador at Large for International Institute for Peace through Tourism

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

8 ways Seniors can Prepare for a Memorable and Fantastic Trip

Healthy Aging  8 ways to Prepare for A Memorable Trip
with Dr. William Hall

by: Sandy Dhuyvetter Executive Producer and Host of TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO

Dr Hall is visiting TravelTalkRADIO this month and shared tips on how aging travelers can best prepare for their journeys.

A leader in ‘aging well’ Dr Hall says the number one thing to avoid while in transport is alcohol. While it may be offered for free, watch the temptation and put off the ‘drink’ until you have successfully landed at your destination and have reason to celebrate.
Other tools Dr. Hall shared with our audiences for a memorable trip.
1)     Be Prepared.
Know where you are going, and the limitations and accessibility to emergency services.
2)     Fly early in the day.
Flights that leave later in the day have are more likely to leave and arrive late. According to US News, booking early morning is the time most deals are available.
3)     Assistance throughout airport terminals
Airports provide assistance to travelers. Be sure to contact your carrier if you need special assistance getting from one gate to the other.
4)     Time Changes
Time changes and jet lag can be debilitating and can cause your system to become out of whack. Be sure you put yourself into the time zone you are currently in. Try to stay awake until the evening time at your new location. Living in the ‘now’ is essential.
5)     Food Restrictions
Vacations are meant to be fun and food can tempt even the most disciplined. Work with the airlines prior to your trip to make sure you are offered the food choices that work best for you. Pack nutritious food that can be eaten easily. Making good choices while on the road will keep the bodies constitution intact and running smoothly.
6)     Prescriptions
Don’t pack your prescriptions in checked luggage. It is always recommended to under dose rather than opting for that extra dose.
7)     High blood pressure, heart medicine and diabetes
While flying, Dr. Hall has answered a fair share of requests from cabin crews for a doctor on board, most often the passenger have one of three problems, high blood pressure, a heart condition or diabetes. Make sure you check with your health specialist and discuss your trip
To learn more about healthy travel and aging, listen to Dr. William Hall on TravelTalkRADIO this week, September 21 at noon ET on your favorite radio station or go to to listen to the live stream.
Dr. William Hall is a Fine Professor University of Rochester School of Medicine Center for Healthy Aging in Rochester New York.

Sandy Dhuyvetter is the Executive Producer and Host of TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO
Connecting our Audiences to the Experts in Travel and Healthy Lifestyle 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sail on a Tall Ship for less than $2,000 . Star Clippers - Take a look!

There is nothing we take more seriously than our wonderful sponsors. We can't possibly talk about them unless we believe in them 100% and they are relevant to our audiences!
So join me as we talk about a trip of a lifetime. Sailing the Tall Ships!

Their Sails Gleaming in the Sun, Our Ships Thread Their
Way Between Lush Volcanic 
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Treasure Islands 7 nights
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Leeward Islands
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FROM $1,993

                Star Flyer

Barbados – Panama
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From $5,710

Panama – Grand Cayman
6 nights Nov 23, 2014
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Montego Bay – St Maarten
9 nights Mar 24, 2015
From $2,199


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Friday, September 12, 2014


My friend and colleague, David Baeckelandt
will be presenting in Antwerp at the
Red Star Line Sept 25, I hope you can attend.

On Thursday September 25, 2014 at 7:30 pm
in '
de Loods' of the Red Star Line Museum,
Montevideostraat 3, 2000 Antwerp.

'Far from the war?' reflects on World War I
and on how a number of American Belgians
were cut off from their homeland.
How did they experience the war, far away from the war?

For More Information go to: