Monday, March 7, 2016

Jordanian Healthy Habits Campaign Launches Environmental Awareness and Dental Hygiene Program in Orphanages

My friends and partners in Jordan are creating miracles when it comes to getting visibility and attracting great crowds to some spectacular events. Now they take it a step further by investing in the youth of Jordan. Let's support this wonderful country one that we call The Switzerland of the Middle East . . . Sandy Dhuyvetter

Amman, Jordan– March 08th, 2016The Monaco Team Tackles Trash and Teeth.   Monaco Business Development, the creators of the Healthy Habits Campaign, a hands-on Educational and Reward Campaign that educates Jordanian youth, their mothers and guardians are using the expertise of leaders and partners in the fields of simple life skills.

During the research and investigation phase, the Monaco team visited several Orphanage homes and learned that the subject of dental and oral hygiene is greatly neglected. More research found that there are alarming statistics showing low sales of tooth brushes and toothpaste throughout the country.

In addition to the need for more dental awareness there was a request by most of the orphanage houses for recycle and environment awareness education. The reason was clear as most view the upcoming generation as the generation to change Jordan’s litter problem. Mona Naffa, Director of Monaco Business Development added, “we often see images in the media taken after a lovely warm day outing that speaks for itself. We are proud to be taking on this challenge and feel confident that with the continued support of our partners we can help change the habits of our youth to reflect healthy lifestyles and good decision making.“

The Healthy Habits Campaign includes two aspects to the training. One is a hands-on training component and support for teachers and the other is several months of education for the youth and their guardians which will end this coming May. At the end of May a reward is offered  to those who complete the educational phase successfully, with a fun day at the Dead Sea which includes team building, sports, and a healthy lunch. The Monaco Team will continue additional rounds of funding to support more kids after summer and the reward to follow in October/November with the Campaign ending December 2016.

The Healthy Habits Campaign is made possible by the support of Sponsors including Mercedes Benz, Dar Al-Handaseh,  Masr United, Nuqul Automotive, Ahli Bank, Maher Kaddoura,  Ultra Water and Partners:  Lamar Dental Center and Colgate,  Al-Ajial Recycle Company, and Jordan Pioneers, all who understand the importance of educating and investing in the Youth of Jordan.

Ms. Mona Naffa, Director of Monaco Business Development and team are proud to be taking on this project and are very grateful for the assistance of their Partners and Sponsors.  Ms. Naffa remarked, “We only fail if we don’t try.  Together we can make a difference and it all starts with educating our youth one child at a time.”
The Monaco Team is seeking continued support to educate the youths and will  pursue corporate and individual sponsorship funding.  Please contact, the Monaco Team for further inquiries.

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