Wednesday, September 17, 2014

8 ways Seniors can Prepare for a Memorable and Fantastic Trip

Healthy Aging  8 ways to Prepare for A Memorable Trip
with Dr. William Hall

by: Sandy Dhuyvetter Executive Producer and Host of TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO

Dr Hall is visiting TravelTalkRADIO this month and shared tips on how aging travelers can best prepare for their journeys.

A leader in ‘aging well’ Dr Hall says the number one thing to avoid while in transport is alcohol. While it may be offered for free, watch the temptation and put off the ‘drink’ until you have successfully landed at your destination and have reason to celebrate.
Other tools Dr. Hall shared with our audiences for a memorable trip.
1)     Be Prepared.
Know where you are going, and the limitations and accessibility to emergency services.
2)     Fly early in the day.
Flights that leave later in the day have are more likely to leave and arrive late. According to US News, booking early morning is the time most deals are available.
3)     Assistance throughout airport terminals
Airports provide assistance to travelers. Be sure to contact your carrier if you need special assistance getting from one gate to the other.
4)     Time Changes
Time changes and jet lag can be debilitating and can cause your system to become out of whack. Be sure you put yourself into the time zone you are currently in. Try to stay awake until the evening time at your new location. Living in the ‘now’ is essential.
5)     Food Restrictions
Vacations are meant to be fun and food can tempt even the most disciplined. Work with the airlines prior to your trip to make sure you are offered the food choices that work best for you. Pack nutritious food that can be eaten easily. Making good choices while on the road will keep the bodies constitution intact and running smoothly.
6)     Prescriptions
Don’t pack your prescriptions in checked luggage. It is always recommended to under dose rather than opting for that extra dose.
7)     High blood pressure, heart medicine and diabetes
While flying, Dr. Hall has answered a fair share of requests from cabin crews for a doctor on board, most often the passenger have one of three problems, high blood pressure, a heart condition or diabetes. Make sure you check with your health specialist and discuss your trip
To learn more about healthy travel and aging, listen to Dr. William Hall on TravelTalkRADIO this week, September 21 at noon ET on your favorite radio station or go to to listen to the live stream.
Dr. William Hall is a Fine Professor University of Rochester School of Medicine Center for Healthy Aging in Rochester New York.

Sandy Dhuyvetter is the Executive Producer and Host of TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO
Connecting our Audiences to the Experts in Travel and Healthy Lifestyle 

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