Monday, December 9, 2013

TravelTalkRADIO California Winery on stage at Times Square Dec 08. 2013

Joe Shebl, Winemaker and General Manager, Renwood Winery in Gold Country California

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approx 24 min

California Winery on stage at Times Square

Wine maker Joe Shebl joins Sandy to talk about his journey from being a pre-med college student to becoming wine maker and general manager of Renwood Winery.

Joe is no stranger to creating wine and as a resident in one of California's most beautiful regions in the rolling hills of Amador County in the heart of Gold Country, he is a great travel ambassador.

We have some fun with Joe as we learn about how he is taking this little winery which currently produces over 60,000 cases a year to new heights. Watch out! You have not heard the last from Joe Shebl and the food he makes, called wine! He is passionate, fun and a winner. Check out photo below: Times Square! Listen and find out more!

Renwood Winery 12225 Steiner Road, Plymouth CA 95669 |

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