Tuesday, December 3, 2013

BusinessTalkRADIO open the show with Sandy Dhuyvetter

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host

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Welcome to BusinessTravelRADIO!
This week's subject is No More War and how the campaign called Flanders Fields hopes to deliver this message through tourism.
Reading and listening is important but perhaps nothing stimulates the senses more than an experience of touching and seeing first hand. Tourism is that added experience and CEO of Visit Flanders, Dr. Peter DeWilde joins me to talk about why he believes the message will resonates with travelers, especially after a visit to Belgium where WWI commemoration begins. The most horrific war of modern times lasted 4 years and left a blanket of pain, death and tragedy across many countries. Belgium is one of those countries who suffered most. Join me this week to discover why it is important to support and visit this region.
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