Monday, December 23, 2013

2014 Travel Prediction. Travelers will be more and more interested in staying in homes rather than hotels

Happy Holidays!
Reporting today from my studio located in Lake Leelanau Michigan Every day is a different  experience! Today we saw giant geese sitting on the ice of Lake Leelanau. T
he snow flakes today are as big as quarters and the ice cycles on some of the homes are getting enormous, (although, I find out that it is not such good news for home owners!)

I moved my computer (luckily this is my 'day off' and I can day dream a bit) where I can see the snow coming from almost every angle. What a beautiful home and kept so wonderfully since it was built in the mid 40s. Joe Dhuyvetter was a master craftsman for sure and my hero. And those boy cousins of mine are the best (and cutest) in the world. You can tell this house has always been well loved. We are thinking we would like to share it and make it into a Guest House. I will be your host for a wonderfully authentic experience! After all, it is predicted that more than ever before, travelers will choose homes over hotels in 2014.

It just happens that Good Morning American voted my new home as the most beautiful place in American in 2011. Take a look for yourself! 

Sound interesting to you? Let me know.

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