Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chaplains Embedded in the Office Foxhole

Richard De Witt, President & COO, Marketplace Chaplins USA

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Chaplains Embedded in the Office Foxhole
Are you ready to take your woes to the company Chaplain?
Apparently, there are quite a few employers who are betting
you do!
We have been talking about the importance of the ‘happiness
index’ being rated in more and more countries around the world.
We have even interviewed Happiness Engineers from Silicon
Valley. Now we find a company that has been serving
businesses for over 25 years by providing chaplains to
businesses. Marketplace Chaplains represents over 2800
chaplains that serve every kind of business including tourism
and travel. The Biltmore is one of those clients who use their
chaplains to provide another ear and caring shoulder for folks
who are working so hard to serve guests. We talk to him
about denominations, crossing over and how the military
chaplains are a good example of these modern day
chaplains are there to listen and support.
Richard tells us how Chaplains serve all denominations
in every industry, an interesting conversation.

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