Sunday, November 10, 2013

BusinessTravelRADIO Segments 02 - 04 Another layer in Travel loaded with Opportunities Nov 10, 2013

BusinessTravelRADIO Segments 02 - 04 Graeme Barnett, Senior Exhibition Director, Reed Travel Exhibitions

Graeme Barnett

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approx 26min

Another layer in Travel loaded with Opportunities

EIBTM ( is the annual global meetings and incentive exhibition held in Barcelona, Spain. EIBTM is ABC Audited every year to guarantee that the number of visitors promoted is completely accurate and are unique attendees only. Graeme Barnett joins me to talk about all aspects of this side of the business.

The opportunities for new careers are enormous and new niches in the industry continue to be created.

Graeme talks about his personal journey of getting into the travel industry and how a diverse background can be a contribution to this industry. Listen up if you are curious and want to join in industry that is making a difference at every level of society.  

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