Sunday, February 10, 2013

TravelTalkRADIO Sandy works with Make A Wish Foundation, Lucas and Dented Helmet Feb 10, 2013

Art Andrews, Founder The Dented Helmet



The Dented Helmet

Art Andrews
Art Andrews, Founder of the Dented Helmet

An avid Star Wars fan, Art Andrews found Sandy when he was exploring the makings of a costume built by Sandy for Empire Strikes Back.

Didn’t know Sandy is a trained fine artist? Check it out
Their friendship grew and when Art decided to create a special project for Make A Wish Foundation and LucasFilm using the helmet of
Sandy’s character, BobaFett, he called Sandy to jump on board. Art organized the mold making and creation of 40 unpainted helmets to
be mailed to artists around the world. The helmets where then repainted and retooled by each artist and finally auctioned off with more
than $135,00 in proceeds going to Make A Wish Foundation.  We hope you will enjoy this wonderfully warm story and determination to
make this the most successful Make A Wish project this year.

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