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BusinessTravelRADIO Ending Child Prostitution in our Life Time Feb 17, 2013

Carol Smolenski, Co-Founder of ECPAT

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Ending Child Prostitution in our Life Time

Can the travel and tour industry make a difference in eliminating Child Prostitution and trafficking around the world? Carol Smolenski has bet the past 22 years that it can. Carol has been one of the strongest proponents to stop child trafficking through the organization she co-founded in the US called ECPAT. 
The sexual exploitation of children is a serious problem in the world and in the United States there are nearly 300,000 children at risk. Since 1991, ECPAT-USA has led the charge to protect three types of children:
  • - Children who are sexually exploited by Americans who travel abroad;
  • - Children who are trafficked to the United States from other countries; and
  • -  American children who are trafficked and exploited within the USA.
  • ECPAT is all regions of the world. Please look and see how you can make a difference.

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