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SEGMENT 5-6Nicole Hockin, Travel Contributor and Blogger

Nicole Hockins
Former Prisons Transform into Modern Day Hotels

Nicole Hockin, well known Travel Blogger and travel contributor joins Sandy to bring some Halloween treats to our audiences. The story fits the season and suggests a new phenomenon in the travel industry; hotels that were used as prisons back in the day. Nicole comes to us to talk about taking a group (she jokes about always wanting to lock up some of the staff and what better way) to experience a hotel in



Oxford Castle Prison
Boston like The Liberty Hotel where prisoners were held for nearly 140 years. Spend a night or two at to the Oxford Castle
Prison in the United Kingdom, where elegant ‘prisoners’ hang out at the Malmaison Oxford formerly the Oxford Castle Prison.
You can even stay in a double-cell in the A-Wing, the original prison block of the castle prison. Take a listen and take a look
at Nicole’s blog as she identifies these former prisons around the world who have recreated themselves as hotels.
Enjoy some special fun this time of year!

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