Monday, March 16, 2015

Star Clippers! "BUY ONE GET ONE FREE" promotion

Our good friend Greg Baxter sent this email out today to travel agents who are selling Star Clippers.

If you want to go on this wonderful adventure, take this information to your travel agent so they can get you this same deal...Sandy Dhuyvetter

Hear is Greg's Message today!

This is something Star Clippers has never done before, so I emplore you to contact your clients and take advantage of this opportunity!

Star Clippers is offering a true, "BUY ONE GET ONE FREE" promotion on select 2015 Summer Mediterranean sailings.  This is not buying the first bed in the cabin at an inflated rate, then getting the second bed free.  It is buying the first bed in the cabin at our already discounted "Savings Rates," then getting the second bed in the cabin free after that.  It doesn't get much better than that!  We have double occupancy cabins starting at a total cost of $1,575 per cabin
This promotion is good for all Cabins and Suites onboard our ships.  So it will be "First Come, First Served."  So please  don't wait.  If you have clients who would love to sail on a "true" sailing ship, now is the time.  Remind them that we  turn the engines off, and sail with the power of the wind.  We also visit the small, intimate ports that larger ships cannot access.  So no lines, crowds or waiting.  We also allow our guests to climb to the Crow's Nest, or lay in the nets over the water at the bow of the ship.  Or just relax and let us sail you to amazing destinations.
Please read the details below.  Where it says, "Click Here for Details," please do so.  It will show you all of the Sailings, Dates, Maps of the Ports as well as Pricing. 
This promotion will only be effect for 3 WEEKS!  So please hurry and take advantage of the wonderful offer!  It is for double occupancy bookings only, and does not apply to Single cabins.  it is also not applicable to Group bookings.  But your FIT clients are going to love it!
Please let me know if you have any questions?  My contact information will be at the bottom of this email.
Happy Sailing!


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