Monday, March 23, 2015

The Seychelles Carnivall

I will be leaving at the end of April to attend this years edition of the Seychelles Carnival! . . . . can't wait to hear the music!. . . . Sandy Dhuyvetter
Join me!!
Seychelles carnival crowd can expect to be blown
away by Spain’s La Tuna band

Without moving so much as one footstep the throng of people that will come down for the 2015 edition of the Seychelles carnival, will get a glimpse of Spanish culture.
La Tuna band have confirmed that they will be in Seychelles to delight the crowd with Spain’s folkloric traditional music.
It will be La Tuna’s first participation in the carnival but it will not be the first time that the band performs in Seychelles; in fact they were here in April 2014.  They performed outside the National Cultural Centre for orphans, at popular local bazaar ‘Bazar Labrin’ at Beau Vallon and at the Eden Island jetty.  Destination Management Company had worked collaboratively with Seychelles Tourism Board to bring them here.
The group coming down for the Seychelles Carnaval International de Victoria will not consist of the same members as the ones who visited our small islands last year.
La Tuna has a long, rich history dating back from 1218 that is closely linked to the University of Salamanca. Struggling university students with musical skills would perform in taverns, ale-houses and at university functions to pay for food and tuition fees.
Press forward to the 21st century, band members have changed along the years but the values remain more or less the same.  They perform wearing the same costumes members used to wear in the 13th century, playing the guitar, accordion, tambourine and bandurria.  They are very popular across the globe and in their home country, regularly hired to perform in auditoriums, hotels, restaurants and at wedding ceremonies.
The public can expect to be entertained by a great variety of Spanish and Latin melodies and rhythms such as rumbas, flamencos, pasos dobles, boleros, tangos, sones and baladas.

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