Wednesday, July 9, 2014

We introduced Selling Forever Resorts and now new ideas to help sell!

In May Travel-Forever launched
program with the promise to
unveil new items for our Rewards'
Marketing Folio each month.

For those of you working this income-generating social networking program, helping Forever Resorts sell houseboat vacations just got easier. Many families love to travel with pets and can’t. But pets are WELCOME on Forever Resorts’ houseboats. Here's the latest flyer we've added to the Rewards' Marketing Folio so that you can share this news with family and friends. Let Travel-Forever show you how it pays to share! REGISTER TODAY to become a Travel-Forever Rewards Ambassador. Then use your unique Rewards Number to access the Marketing portfolio and to book houseboat reservations and earn commissions.
Questions? Want more information?
Call Renea:  480.998.7199 x 4400 And, don’t forget to use your Reward Number when booking a houseboat vacation via!

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