Thursday, July 10, 2014

Leading Human Trafficking Awareness Training in London

I was honored to represent Airline Ambassadors International at the DISPAX World 2014 Conference in London. I thought I would share the press release that was published about the training. 

Sandy Dhuyvetter Leads Human Trafficking Awareness Training in London

Airline Ambassadors International (AAI) Human Trafficking Awareness Training in London at DISPAX World 2014

TravelTalkMEDIA reported today the overwhelming approval given by participants of DISPAX World 2014 for the training providing by Airline Ambassadors International on the topic of Human Trafficking Awareness. The conference examined all aspects of disruptive passengers and was held at the Riverside Venue in Middlesex near the Heathrow Airport.

The trafficking awareness training team led by AAI board of directors member, Sandy Dhuyvetter included AAI members Naomi van Duin, Delta Airlines Flight attendant and Anna Marie Jensen, Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant. During the hour and a half training session, the audience received information on the scope of the crimes including a look at the perpetrators, survivor perspectives and key indicators of traffickers. Finally the team covered the what, when, how and who should be contacted to report suspected activities.

Together the three trainers told the story of trafficking and how the travel and airline industry in particular have a critical role to play in identifying and reporting. Sandy Dhuyvetter commented, “the pre and post assessment forms we received from the attendees told us that there is still a wide spread need for industry specific training and we were over joyed to hear of the interest and approval the participants showed regarding the training and for the next steps needed to spread the word”.

Trainers, Sandy Dhuyvetter, Naomi van Duin and Anna Marie Jensen
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Sandy Dhuyvetter
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