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TravelTalkRADIO Kurdistan, a gleam in the eye of Daddy tourism Sep 15, 2013

SEGMENTS 4 - 6  Michael Luongo, Award Winning Travel Writer and Author

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Gay Travels in the
Muslim World
Michael Luongo

Michael Luongo was a guest on Aug 19, 2007 Click

Michael Luongo was a guest on Jan 15 2006 Click HERE

Kurdistan, a gleam in the eye of Daddy tourism

Join Sandy as she invited this week's special guest, Michael Luongo.

Michael Luongo returns to TravelTalkRADIO to talk about his third trip to Kurdistan.

A consummate writer and ambassador of travel, Michael and Sandy have a robust conversation about his work in the Middle East.

Michael talks about travel development in Kurdistan, the Syrian refugees seeking shelter in Kurdistan, new hotel projects and the Citadel and UNESCO and exciting archeological digs by American and other researchers and Erbil’s status as the 2014 Arab City of Tourism.

Follow the links to Michael's work here and read his articles
or buy his books.

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