Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Essence of Vision by Sandy Dhuyvetter Sep 15 2013

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The Essence of Vision
As we invite fall into our lives here in the Western Hemisphere, we see that spring is coming to our friends down under. Its a time to enjoy the colors whether it is the blues and pinks of spring or the yellows and oranges of fall.

Contrasts in our lives are evident everywhere, but a rainbow of color is probably the best way to understand that contrast is the essence of vision. In the world of travel, contrast is about experiencing different cultures and regions which offer us the opportunity to celebrate the full spectrum of this world in living color. These personal experiences in turn, lead to tolerance and prove no matter what personal views or beliefs we might hold, living in a world of bold colors and contrasts is truly the essence of vision.
The golden thread which is the undeniable common bond cultures share is compassion for one another and the love for the group of people we call our family.

Travel teaches tolerance and an appreciation for the 'other', don't trip on your attitude and miss it. This applies to arm
chair travelers too, curl up with a travel program, read a travel book or go to the town 10 miles away. Get out and explore the rich colors of the world and breath it all in, in big giant breaths.

Happy Travels.

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