Monday, January 7, 2013

Terry Dale, President of United Stated Tour Operator Association (USTOA)

Terry Dale, President of U
nited Stated Tour Operator Association (USTOA)
From Down on the Farm to New York City, Travel Expert and President of USTOA, Terry Dale talks about his Incredible Ride. 

Join us today as we learn more about the new president of the United Stated Tour Operator Association, Terry Dale. Terry has big shoes to fill as he takes over the helm after the tragic loss of Bob Whitley who had led this group for almost 40 years. As you get to know Terry, you will hear that he indeed has what it takes to continue the message.

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Bottom line, make sure that the USTOA logo is on the Tour Operator Web site of your choice. It's a guarantee that the if services are interrupted, the traveler will not be left holding 'the bag'.

USTOA was the brain child of Alex Harris who also co-founded the American Tourism Society. Coming to the US in 1948 after time in concentration camps in Siberia. Alex began his career with General Tours as a messenger boy who delivered tickets throughout New York City and later became Chairman who grew one of travel's most successful businesses Alex wrote a novel about his life called Breaking Borders Sandy was the first journalist to interview Alex about his book while they were both in Egypt. Take a listen and see how you can order one of the best reads for the new year. Click HERE

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