Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Welcome to International Women's Fair

Message from the President of the International Womens Fair, Yaw Asamoah

From a carrier of huge loads to the envied seat of presidency, women fill positions of influence and expertise. Yet, they say it's a man’s world, because there are men in authoritative positions than women, but think about it. Women influence men in diverse ways so much so that though men pronounce decisions, women are the architects of these.

The common saying that, 'let dad have his say, but mum will have her way' is evidently true in our world. The contribution of the working woman in the global economy is phenomenal. As a matter of fact, if our ladies were to stop all their activities for a micro-second, the world will grind to a halt..check it out, a micro-second without a lady talking, asking, arguing, encouraging, loving, cooking, laughing, dressing, smilling...what do you think, i will just hide from all that the world would have come to.

This year, we want to celebrate the working woman and her contribution to our world, our nation, community and homes. As we do this, we also want to remember the many of them who are being oppressed and trampled upon due to lack of understanding between them and their male counter-parts.

Among the many attractions this year will be the FATHER's FORUM, where influential men will share their thoughts on women and the many difficulties they also go through...so ladies, do not think you are the only people with emotions and troubles!!!. Also, join us for our SPECIAL LADIES NIGHT SHOW. It will be a parade of your favorite lady show stoppers, with a twist of 2011 fashion. You can also donate to the IWF FOUNDATION or join us to walk on the Osu Oxford Street to raise money and awareness on Cervical Cancer, which kills one woman every two (2) minutes globally. I will also want to invite you to nominate a woman or man for the IWF AWARDS; it is aimed at recognizing people who have achieved success in the world, while upholding family values principles.

The Conference will last for two days, whiles the exhibition will be for the entire three days. We anticipate that over 5,000 people will visit our exhibitions stands this year and entreat you to book as soon as possible to prevent any inconveniences.

You are welcome to this year's fair and I await a message from you.

Let's celebrate women, but most importantly, let's cherish both genders.

See you.

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