Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tourism Progress and Peace Conference is around the corner

As we get ready for Conference in Jordan, many people are asking me if we will reschedule or cancel the conference in March 2011.
This is my personal answer:
There is no better time to get involved with this conference than right now.

Our friends in Lebanon, Tunisia and Egypt undoubtedly will have to repair the damage that unrest brings to incredible and deserving destinations. And while safety is always our first concern, we see no valid reason to reschedule or cancel the Tourism Progress and Peace conference in Jordan.

The fact is, this conference is more important than ever. Jordan is a secure and welcoming country and we are very pleased to be inviting you to join us a the lovely Dead Sea Spa Hotel and Resort in March.

If you lead by example, you need to be with us. We are attracting attendees from all over the world. Today's greatest teachers, government leaders and writers will be with us to share knowledge, practices and strategies. Sign up today. http://www.TourismProgressandPeace.com

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