Friday, March 23, 2018

Food Glorious Food, Jordan is a Bounty of Opportunity

What a great project to be involved in with my dear colleagues in Jordan. I have been working with Mona for over 10 years and we feel we have just begun! Our team continues to highlight the wonders of Jordan. The country never stops amazing me! Enjoy this joyful look at cooking in Jordan . . . Sandy Dhuyvetter

March 22, 2018 Destination-Jordan and US based TravelTalkMEDIA have announced that in the upcoming year, a special emphasis will be put on the importance of Jordanian food coupled with the travel experience. Sandy Dhuyvetter, travel blogger and retired TravelTalkRADIO presenter said today, “Tours and food experiences are the staples of travel, and Jordan has rightfully positioned itself as a trending food destination alongside the world renowned likes of Italy, Mexico and Japan”.

As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to honor women and their contribution to empowerment thru food, Mona Naffa, Founder of Destination-Jordan said the food experience in Jordan is “the best insight into the pure soul of Jordan. We at Destination-Jordan believe experiencing food is one of the best ways to get to know the heart of the people and the story of the land”. Growing up in Anaheim, California with a half Palestinian half Lebanese mother and a Jordanian father, we cooked and ate Middle Eastern foods as part of our daily lives. Hummus, tabbouleh, stuffed grapevines and homemade baklava are basic to our culture and our roots. 

The Mediterranean diet has long been touted as the healthiest
of all cuisine and described as "those blessed lands of
sun and sea and olive trees"

In the spirit of empowerment and women, Destination-Jordan has aligned with Dina Saoudi the co-founder of Seven Circles, a consulting agency that works on building a kinder world, Seven’s World. Dina also created a vision and gained support for the book, Empowering Women through Cooking as part of the food culture in Jordan. Dina honored a dynamic group of inspirational women whose aggregated experiences in different specialties are contributing to the success of the cookbook.

Dina’s hope is that the book will “inspire readers to come up with ideas and projects that include civil society, public sector, private sector, academia, impact funds, and aid agencies working together on empowering women.”

The Cookbook is designed using professional photos, quotes and photos of each inspiration woman and their recipes extraordinaire. The book is being replicated in more than ten countries including South Africa, Japan, Dubai and Lebanon.

The launch of the book is scheduled for March 24 at the Landmark Hotel in Amman Jordan. Part of the proceeds go to Seven’s World #FeedingAll that proudly supports the UN World Food Programme and Tkyiet Um Ali.

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Sandy Dhuyvetter

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