Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Weather Channel Photo Contest 2016

Contestant Weather Channel Photo Contest 2016

George Powell of Northport, Michigan is much more than a photographer, a bender of wood and a musician. In fact, he seems more like an Artist who happens to work in multiple mediums. The common denominator in his work is how he blends and highlights the perfections of mother nature, whether it is designing and building boats, carving replicas of a butterfly chrysalis, or taking photographs.

This is my favorite photo and is George Powell's (Plankster) other entry in this year’s Weather Channel Photo Contest. It is called 'Iceman'. Please look closely at it, it is an amazing looking creature made of mother natures spinning wind and ice.
In his day job, George restores historic wooden boats in Suttons Bay, Michigan. Recently one of his restored Coast Guard Boats appeared as the star in Disney’s film, The Finest Hours. 
On the set of The Finest Hours

After Staring in Disney's The finest Hours, a well used and tired boat
returned to the Suttons Bay boatyard for another refurbishing by George Powell and his team. 
In July of 2016, it was brought into its new home in South Haven Michigan
at the Michigan Maritime Museum

If you like George's photo of the 'Iceman',  Please visit the link http://bit.ly/2amDWPe and vote for the photo, you can search his photos by entering “Plankster”). I’m the one who encouraged him to enter the photos, so I’d appreciate your support. He’s not one to boast or show off so help me out if you can. You can vote once a day, which seems a bit odd but still appreciate your votes, as many as you can cast.

.... Sandy Dhuyvetter

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