Thursday, February 19, 2015

Airlink is hiring!

This is one of our favorite nonprofit organizations and it is ready to grow. I have had their previous president on my radio program and was impressed with Airlinks ability to fill a niche that is one of the toughest part of humanitarian efforts and that is the transport  component.


Thanks to their good works and the support from those that see a bright future for Airlinks.
...Sandy Dhuyvetter


Airlink is hiring!

2014 was a transformative year for Airlink, but we need your help to keep making a difference in 2015. We're hiring for two key positions that will help Airlink continue to grow and serve the humanitarian community well into the future.

Manager, Development and Finance

The Manager of Finance and Development will create and execute Airlink’s development strategy with regard to public funding sources (versus private and corporate sources). The Manager will oversee accounting, finance and treasury functions to ensure regulatory compliance and transparency for donors. The Manager will also provide support in the process of developing the program elements for NGO members. Read more...

Program Manager, Logistics

The Program Manager, Logistics will report to the Executive Director and will be the day-to-day interface with airlines responding to NGO cargo flight requests. They will have responsibility for all air shipment logistics during humanitarian events, and as well as building Airlink’s response capability between humanitarian events. This role will combine the skill sets of a relationship manager with those of a logistics professional. Read more...

Apply today! 
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