Monday, January 6, 2014

Germans Set the Bar in Regards to Taking Vacations

Maddy Hengge, Videographer and
Consummate Traveler

Germans Set the Bar in Regards
to Taking Vacations

Sandy and Maddy go back many years to when Maddy
traveled with the TravelTalkMEDIA team to film stories
and projects. Maddy also edited the first TV trailer
produced for TravelTalkRADIO
. Maddy was born in
Munich and spent the holidays visiting family and skiing
in Switzerland. We will discuss some of the changes in
travel and how to best prepare yourself, especially for
long periods of time on the road.

Maddy tells us about why vacations are so important and
why Germans regularly feed their 'piggy banks' to make
sure that their vacation becomes a reality


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approx 13 min

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