Monday, January 7, 2013

Ron Sanders, Director of Special Projects-Forever Resorts

Ron Sanders, Director of Special Projects-Forever Resorts

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Ron Sanders, the Man at the heart of Texas Tourism
With forty nine and a half years (but who's counting?) in the tour and travel business, Ron Sanders has lost no enthusiasm for his beloved Texas, Big Bend National Parks and Forever Resorts. Since 1963 he has held the title Director of Special Projects for Forever Resorts and is a virtually knows the who what and where of Texas tourism.

Spend some time with Sandy and Ron as they talk about the offerings in the area and the new initiatives in 2013. Before the interview TravelTalkMEDIA found this out about this very active ambassador of tourism in the USA. Ron has served and is serving in many associations such as: President of the Visit Big Bend tourism council, President of Appraisal District Brewster County, President of Texas Mt Trail Museum and Tourism funded by historic commission, Texas Hotel & Lodging Association, Texas Fishing Information - Lake Amistad and Big Bend Chamber of Commerce, and Texas Nature Tourism Council - Steering Committee

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